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The Final Report - Ventruestien Herald
January 31st, 2004
09:42 am


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The Final Report
The Grand Corenation

Today Michael Ventrue was proclaimed King of the new United Ventruestien State(UVS). In a grand corenation, Lore William Ire place the Grand Crown on his head and proclaimed "Long Live King Ventrue. The ball was atended by the Queen of Hearts and her entoroge. She is expected to marry the new king soon and become Lady Ventrue. The kingdom of Vitoria is set to be united with the UVS. This has been a whirlwind month. Five weeks ago Duke Richard Royale enter into an alliance with the Whore de Game. In that fateful battle of Ire's Land Michael Ventrue slew the mad man, pirceing his black heart with his Grand Diaklaive. Lord Ire entered the fray as well. When the Whore de Game tried to manpulated the good lord he raised his boom stick and shot her in the head and then stated "Rot in hell you bitch". With the death of the Duke the rest of the outlining fiefs return to Ventruestien proper. The Queen of Diamonds was spared, but was sent to Canada as a punishment. All is returned to which it begain.

The Ruins of Glass City

The UN sent more releif to what is left of Glass City. It has been seven days since the ground shoke and the city fell into the ruins of the fabled city under the city "Silent Whispers". The City has been in turmoil since the Cruxefiction of the Grand Genreal of Vitoria Rowin Darkwind many months ago. The city was said to have been destroyed in a great battle between the Mad King of Spades Adam Evening and the Madder Dark Druid, mystriess wanderer from the south. There was said to use of "Magik" which rend the earth and destroyed the city. Some fear that one or both of these men may have escaped but that is doubtful. Genreal Torres has state already that "If any of those yellow belly cowards show their face I'll gut them. It'll be happy times. Yeaarhhh, Happy times indeed".

Last Entry

Thus ends my reign as editor of this gentle paper. I would like to thank all that have read the Herald and the many writes as well. It has been the best of times and the worst. May this new kingdom reign supreme for a thousand years.

Siging off for the last time, Spike Speigel

Current Mood: accomplished

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Date:January 31st, 2004 08:57 pm (UTC)

The World Shall Tremble....a letter to the editor

so it is as thus, that i am to be beleived dead?! what is this filth!? it makes me sick to my.....(HA HA HA HA) BONES! And as for the reports on the so called dank druid, why don't you ask him your self. he is busy at the moment though, trying soooooo hard to free himself form my incureable contagious INSANITY! As for my dearest brother, i am glad that he finally has something as great as the kingdom, and the love of the queen of hearts. but don't enjoy it too much, your world will forever be changed in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds. so dear brother, and filthy newspaper, in the next few months do not be surprised if you see some old friends, long since passed!
Date:May 17th, 2004 01:14 am (UTC)

Re: The World Shall Tremble....a letter to the editor

When you least suspect it.....

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