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An Apology To The Readers..... - Ventruestien Herald
October 6th, 2003
06:28 pm


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An Apology To The Readers.....
To those who read our last article an apology is extended. We did not capture Genl. Torres but his aide-de-camp and look a like, Ramone. We have gathered this infromation of sadness with one bright spot still remaining. It may appear that torres was indeed shot in his right knee cap. But we will not know for sure. In her rouseing speech the Duchess apologized for the false infromation but stressed the fact that we still had destroyed Torres' army and retaken all our lost land, plus some. Again we here at this paper apologize to the reader and hope they understand. We strive to give correct infromation but sometimes this fails.

As for Vittorio, the Duchess offered a treaty. If it leaves the Ventruestienian War, Ireland ans Sweden will leave it alone and call of their invasion and a recompense for damages will be paid. But only if it signs a treaty saying it will and the immdeiately does so.

In foregin news, it seems that the freedom Fighters in Glass City have re-taken half the city from the rather dumwitted Genl. Darkwind

That is all.

Ben Urich,Editor-In-Chief

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