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September 19th, 2003
07:37 am



With the mortal injury of Duke Royale the Thwipenstien armys are demorlized. Michael Ventrue, always the opertenistic launched a full assault on the eastern front. Within days the Ventruestien flag was raised atop Genosha, the capital of Eastern Thwipenstien. Now Michael Ventrue turns his zenith hand to the west. It may only be a matter of weeks, maybe even three months before the armys of Ventruestien our at the front door of Richmond.


It is reported that the Adam Evening is quite deppressed by the deparcher of his Queen from these lands. Shes is reportly off on a U.N. goodwill mission helping needy children in third world countrys. House Ventruestien wishes her well. Some have even reported that the King of Spades may even exile himself to the Citizen Islands just like tge King of Hearts did before him.


There our reports the a small heretic group who are followers of the the movment known as Justinism have staked claim of land in the heart of Thwipenstien. This would never happen before the good Dukes injury, but now with the duke's fate unsertend any and all are staking claim. These are indeed dark times

Written by Panther, Warrior-Priest of House Ventruestien

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September 18th, 2003
06:27 pm



In a recent battle with the forces of Micheal Ventrue the Good Duke was injured. He was in a direct battle with General Torres when an explosion of sharpel shot into his side. It sent him hurling to the ground witha grevious wound in his side.General Torres was about to capitalize upon this when a bullet wizzed by his ear. Looking up here came the man who is called "Ol' Blue Eyes" by some of his men,simply "The Wall" to some, but to the whole country and world as General Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson. His sudden assault sent Torres in to retreat with a curse on his breath. BNut the battle did not go so well. The men saw the Duke fall. And with him fell their morale. They began to break. But with the expert leadership of Stonewall they began an organized retreat. They had taken less losses than the enemy, but the enemy had struck a mighter blow. The Duke is now in an undisclosed hospital undergoing surgery for the wound. God be with him and bring him back to us safely.


The Duchess Royale took command of the country in lieu of her husband who lies wounded at this moment. He being unable to command she has took over leadership. Her husband had recently returned from Geneva and had yet to release a press statement on what had taken place there because of the treachery of Ryan The Usurper. The Duchess made some immediate decisions. First of all she appointed Jonathan "Stonewall"Scott General-In-Chief of all The Armies of Freedom. She announced the also that the Duke would be given the new tittle the King of Diamonds, and the tittle overlord of the C.E.E. would be done away with. She is expected to announce the entrance of her country into the war soon.


Unfortunately thanks to the recent defeat the mercenaries under the command of Ventrue regained some territory from our noble legions. "WE will not let this stand for long. Its time for a change!" declared the Duchess Royale, "Be afraid Ventrue. Be very afraid. This is not a threat. it is a promise."

This has been Ben Urich with the news. God Be With the Duke.

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September 9th, 2003
04:27 pm


Pope Ryan I executed by Richaleu
Recently Pope Ryan I was given ilrefutable evidence that Cardinal Richaleu was still alive. The Pope has had some recent domestic problems as of late, some of his followers have split into a seperate sect, all the waring countries in the Ventruestein war have teamed up against him because of there hatred of a catholic country, and the pope has not accomplished everything he would have liked to in Ireland. Faced with these realities Pope Ryan I resigned his popeship and turned himself in to Cardinal Richaleu for him to do with him what "he must." Cardinal Richaleu suprised everybody by publicaly toruting commoner Ryan in front of a aghast audience as he cut of Ryan's limbs one by ones. Cardinal richaleu said there will be no more "treason in the catholic church" and because of Ryan I despicable act he deserves to be "tortured, killed and to burn in hell for ever" Despite this un christian statement the waring nations still suport the reconigtion of Pope Richaleu. After waiting in agony for five days Ryan the commoner was finnaly merficily killed by a firing squad. By that time he was blind and had very few limbs from the "merciful" pope richaleu.
-this ends the broadcast of the ibc because of a new power in the catholic church we are no longer allowed to operate. God bless the new pope richaleu

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04:25 pm


Joint Decleration
This was issued by the Monarchs battleing for control over Ventruestien today concerning the recent events with the traitor McKanna seizeing the office of Pope in Rome. It is a rare unilateral decision by the triad of Lord Ire,King Ventrue, and Duke Royale. These men are the most bitter of enemies, but have come together in this on joint decleration.

"Decleration To Tyrant Ryan The Usuper."

Ryan The Usuper is here by declared to be anathema in the lands of Ventruestien and the Confederated Empires of Europe. You are a heretic and tyrant. You disposed the rightfully appointed Pope John Paul II by assassination and seized the office by force threatening the lives of the Cardinals opposeing you. These are acts of violence and wrong doing. You are a disgrace to humanity and to your faith. WE, Lord William Ire of Ires-Land, Duke Richard Royale duke of Thwipinstein and Overlord of The Confederated Empires of Europe, and King of Hearts Micheal Ventrue declare you a fugitive in our lands. WE support the rightful Pontifex Rechlieu that you tried to assassinate. WE support his followers and his lands. Because of your terrorist actions WE hereby place upon your head an international bounty of 25 million dollars upon your head, and Duke Royale hereby posts an extra 15 million upon your head for you traitorous actions against his kingdom, only to be redeemed if he is Alive. You are wanted by Lord Ire and King Ventrue Dead or Alive. If you at any time attempt to spread your will into our lands this will be considered an act of war upon or nations. You are the Tyrant of Ulster and WE will never help you so WE swear by our Sacred Honor. This is an unanimous and unbreakable proclamation.

Signed With All Authority,

-Lord William Ire -King Micheal Ventrue
*Lord of Ires-Land and *King of Hearts
The Leauge of Federated Lands of Europe

-Duke Richard Royale
*Ruler of Thwipinstein and
Overlord of the Confederated Empires of Europe

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September 8th, 2003
05:13 pm


Pope John Paul II dies
There is terrible news from Italy today. On a holy pilgramage to Rome, Cardinal Richaleu was shot while getting in to his car. There was no witnesses who remembered anything and as of yet they villian has not been caught. In response to this Cardinal McKanna has sent his irish soldiers to Rome for "protection" of the pope. General McKanna is ofcourse now the most likley man to become the pope and he came to Rome trying to protect his mentor John Paul II.
When he got to Rome though he found out that while he was flying to Rome the pope had mysterously killed himself. General McKannas army had arrived earlier and had been looking after the Pope but obviosly somebody had not done there job properly.
Generaly Mckanna held a special session of cardinals to elect the new pope. Faced with an irish army in rome and some dark threats by general mckanna they all unanimously elected him to be Pope and after words swore everlasting loyality to him to defend him and the church wherever he leads it.
Pope Ryan I first act as Pope was to speak out against the bloodshed in the Ventruestein War. He condemmed the king of hearts recent war crimes but he also spoke out against Duke Royales obsession with power and "world domination." Pope Ryan I said that all kings are entitled to there land so in a general sense he is sympathetic with count ventrue and his cause to get back his throne which god gave him in the first place. His holliness called duke royale guilty of attempted "regicide" and leading the country back into another "french Revolution, where nobles will hide in fear!" The pope said he had no choice but to resign from Duke Royales army and "recomend that all catholics follow his suit and get out of this neo war between hitler and stalin!" Pope McKanna has left the army right before the great battle and with him has left his irish army and all the catholics in Duke royales army which counts for a little less then 1/5. Pope Ryan I has asked all Catholics to come to ireland and help him defend his land against the agression that is going on. So far millions of people form south america and noth africa have marched to the catholic banner and have come to ireland. Pope Ryan I has given them land in Northern Ireland that formerly belonged to the "british overlords" to live in and pray in.
Pope Ryan I has asked all nations of peace to come to the peace table with him and discuss peace treaties between his sovereign nation(Ireland recently declared indepedance from Duke Royales union by 101%) He has sent letters to the king of heart and the king of spades for there three great nations to work better "to achieve peace and prosperity through his land." So far the Pope has ignored Duke Royale who is furious with him and william Ire who he still blames for his assassination attempt and talks darkly about as that "brittish tyrant who has oppressed my people, burned my churches and raped my children and who has now tried to kill me"
Pope Ryan I has discovered in the recent comunications by Duke Royale that he forgered documents in which former Pope John Paul II said that "Ventruestien war" was a "just war." Pope Ryan I declared that the speech was forged by by Duke Royale and that at the time the pope was in Ireland with him watching him recuperate from his assasination attempt.
Pope Ryan I has shown documents given him to the catholic church and the king of hearts showing recent atrocities commited by Duke Royale against the catholics in austria. The Pope Ryan I called these actions "sick" and he says all catholics must turn against this "elizibeathen empire who wants to go back to the 16th century and restart the catholic protestant war." Pope Ryan I has declared the holy wars of the 16th century war against the "barbarian protestants" just and noble, and he says if anybody tries to hurt catholics in any parts of the land anymore they shall have to pay for it.
In final news Pope Ryan I has declared that he has repossed the aircraft strip and naval ships posten in ireland in violation of the duke encroaching on his sovereinty. The Pope says that his first battle as pope will to be to bring back the catholic church from the fringes of liberalism and to re emphasize the importance of marriage and other traditional values while still at the same time stressing the importance of Ireland and the Pope and the duty to fight and die for all of these ideals.

-This has been Martin Luther with the IBC News, everybody have a nice night and god look after our holy pope.

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04:45 pm


The first bit of news is on Justinism. This secret society has spread like the Black Plague through the part of Ventruestien held by Micheal Ventrue. It advocates death, destruction, and the Red Revolution. Its goal is to replace religion with itself and dethrone God and place in His place "Comrade" Ice himself. Ventrue has said that he does not support it, but then why has it spread so fast through his illegaly held lands? The stories told by the refugees of his lands have said that they were forced to either support Comrade Ice, or die. This paper has some evidence that Comrade Ice may just be the Minister of State, and therefore trying to bring all under his iron grip to over throw Micheal Ventrue at some point in the future. This reporter would say good ridance to bad rubbish, but replaceing one evil for another is not his idea of a good trade. More on this as it develops. No offical word has been given from the Good Duke if he supports it or not.

As for the convention in Geneva that is taking place, it seems that the forces of the Glass city may just join with the noble Freedom Legions to the utter destruction of Micheal Ventrue.

The ports of Vittorio came under attack today from the Ottoman Turks. What this means no one is sure. There is no alliance between our people and their's. It seems that the Muslims Fundamentalists in the Empire have decided that it ould be a good time to invade the land since it was focusing on battleing us. The armies of Vittorio were pushed almost to breaking today but barely held onto the ports. There is some news of a massive army moving into Vittorio at this moment.

Pleasent overtures were heard from the lands of Marvel where the Queen of Diamonds, aka the Duchess Royale , rule. Her people have been in favor of the war and she is seeming to prepare to help her husband in his righteous cause. With the most powerful Navy nearly equaled only by the mighty Britsih Navy, The Royale Navy would be a fearsome force indeed. So far the Duke has discouraged her takeing place in so savage a contest. But she will make up her own mind as she sees fit.

The Pope came down ill this evening form the flu. He is bed ridden and the Cardinals are worried that this would be his death. The Cardnials most likely to become Pope would be the Warrior-Cardinal General McKanna and His Eminence Cardinal Richelieu of France. These Cardnials have gained much power within the College of Cardinals, so strikenly so especially for Cardnial McKanna would was only made a Cardinal this past month.

Editor-In-Chief Ben Urich.*E*L*S*

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September 5th, 2003
07:56 am



The Ventruestien Defense Forces (VDF) have been dispatched to the front lines on both fronts along with the greatist mercanary force ever assambled, the Latino World Order, lead by Genreal Torres and Capitan Nino. Capitan Nino will direct the eastern front along the Thwinenstien border and the Glass City Border, were he will contend with the King of Spades Genreals. Genreal Torres will meat Genreal McKinna head on in one of the greatist millitary duels on the western front. This wars just getting started.

There have been unconfermed reports of a new threat from the south, a massive army marching on the lands of Old Ventruestien. This is very disconserning but the reports have been vague from that part of Europe. The only land of Old Ventruestien that borders this Malstorm that aproches is Ire's Land. The good Lord has stay tight lipped and has yet to make his presence felt, which has conserned some Ventruestien insiders.

Genreal McKinna's defeaction

McKinna's defeaction has rock Ventruestien. It's the buzz on everyone's lips. Michael Ventrue has put on a 20 million doller reward to anyone that CAPTURES Genreal McKinna alive. We all here hope that he is aprahended soon so that he may be "re-educated" and return to House Ventrue.

Japan pledges support!

Japan, working with many of Japan's leading tech companys has pledged support to the Ventruestien cause. As of the this printing, House Ventrue savats and shamans are working on prototype MECHS that Japan had sent over. The enemys of Ventruestien may soon see mighty MECHS on the battlefield.

Justinism Movment

Reports say that Comrade Ice has taken up resdency at Castle Ventruestien. These are false. Michael Ventrue does no support or associate with terroist cells.

Written by Jean-Paul Levesge

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September 4th, 2003
04:51 pm


The General Returns
General-In-Chief The Lord Regent of Ireland,Ryan McKanna woke from his coma on August 30th. This day of Sept.04 he has issued a formal proclamation sealed with the royal seal of Royale. Here is what he had to say in his proclamation...."Last fall, as you good people well know, a great evil was done upon me by the treacherous King of Hearts Micheal Ventrue, in possible league with Lord William Ire.This I say to them, Vengence is mines saith the Lord Regent McKanna. As of now I am formally announceing the entrance of the sovergin kingdom of Ireland into the Confederated Empires of Europe under the Overlordship of Richard Royale. Upon awakeing I have accomplished two things. I have purged the British scum oppressors from the Emerald Land of Northen Ireland. I executed every leader of these mongrels and "air mailed" their bodies to Buckingham Palace. This is simply a calling card to my new "friends". I have begun to raise and army for the Freedom Legions of the People of Ventruestien. My people know what it is like to be opressed. We will not, nor cannot let this happen in Ventruestien. HERE I STAND!!!! I have reassumed my office as The General-In-Chief of the Armies of Ventruestien. The ball in your court now King of Hearts. Be afraid for I AM COMING FOR YOU!!!!"

In other news, the arnies have made another fantastic leap foward. It is as if the return of General McKanna "The Black Shield of Ulster"(he is called this because he goes into battle in armor black as midnight.) has energized them. They forced the armies of Ventrue back farther across the Rappahanok River. At sea the Portugese have allied with us in our struggle and have begun battling the Navy of Vittorio, effectively holding them in check and in a sea and air blockade.

King of Spades Adam Evening and Overlord Royale are meeting this very moment in Geneva. THe Good Duke could not leave for this peacekeeping mission until the Lord Regent McKanna had awoken and retaken his military duties. Hopefully some great good will come of this meeting, for King Evening has only to gain from this alliance, strength, revenge, and his rightful throne.

In religious news, the Pontifex, Pope John Paul II has declared his unending support for the forces of Duke Royale and the Armies of Thwipinstein and the C.E.E. He has called it a just and moral war compareing Ventrue to Hitler and vowing monetary and political support to the Good Duke.Unfortuneately in the Liberation of Northen Ireland by Lord Regent McKanna the Pope's dearly loved cousin Cardnial Charles the Third was assassinated by the Scottish mercenary soldiers of Great Britain. Risking life and limb Regent McKanna made a daring recovery of the Cardinal's body intime to give him absolution before he died. He delievered the body personally to Pope John Paul II. Today for his "bravery,courage and piousness" the revered Pontifex annointed and announced the new Cardnial of Unified Ireland. None other than the Lord Regent McKanna himself!!!!

This has been Editor-In-Chief Ben Urich. God seal upon us the mantale of victory.

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August 25th, 2003
12:58 am


The Herald
The good Duke Royale recently went to a ball held by his nemesis Micheal Ventrue. He had this to say in a recent release " The ball was beautiful. All were well dressed and all well feed. On the inside. Outside many starved and called out to their ruler for food and shelter. Ventrue's remark was to paraphrase Marie Antqinette. He said 'If they are hungry for bread, then let them eat cake.' and gave a full laugh that resounded through the hall. The very fact that he could say this disgusts me. It does nothing but strengthen my resolve to dispose this despot." Overlord Royale left the bal early in disgust vowing to hold the ceasefire for the night. He told the people that the next time they saw him he would ride in triumphant.

AS to the recent mad dash of King of Spades Adam Evening across the C.E.E. lands he said this"Evening listen know. YOu have violated the international borers of the C.E.E. with an armed force. This constitutes an act of war. But I still wish to draw a peace accord with you and ally against Ventrue to return you to you rightful throne. If you do not reply to my offer in due course I will be forced to conclude that you wish war with me which is unfortunate."

The United Nation Peacekeeping Forces are begining to land in Ventruestien and are being welcomed by Duke Royale in his territorial lands as a way to bring peace.

The Good Duke recently forced the armies of Micheal Ventrue into retreat at the Battle of First Manassas. It looked as if the wicked prince had won the day until our forces rallied around the First Thwipinstein Valley Army of General Johnathan "Stonewall" Scott as he is now known. The Freedom Legions are now in full persuit of the shambled forces of Ventrue.

In international news, the United Nations has given its full support to the good Duke Royale in his liberation struggle. The Portugese have formed a naval alliance with the Overlord of the C.E.E. and Lithiuania is re-arming its powerful navy. Poland has begun arming her armies for war. Only Spain and France and the League of Federated Lands of Euorp begin to remain netural. This has the looks to be tha largest European war since World War Two.

No word has come from the camp of Lord William Ire. Though word is expected soon.

This has been Ben Urich,Editior-In-Chief. God bless our arms with victory.

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August 24th, 2003
12:16 pm



Today was the grand crowning of Prince Michael Ventrue at the King of Heats of Ventruestien City. In many of the festivaties include and grand ball, profetional wrestling and tradtional ritualistic combat of Ventruestien. MAny of his rivals join in on the festicaties including Lored Ire and Duke Royale. The King of Spades was absent. The new King of Hearts was seen talking to radical known as Comrade Ice...

Wrestling Rusults

Michael Ventrue had full control of the matchs and this is what he did:

Jericho beats Triple H for the title.

Golderber loses the first anual beat the crap out of Bill Goldberg for fun day.

Eddie beats Kurt Angle for WWE title.

APA beats WGTT for tag titles


Michael Ventrue and the new Queen of Ventruestien are reportable away from the mess in Ventruestien and have one hell of time. They are said to be madly in love and the KoH is said to be rejuvinized in hid quest to reclaim his familys land, and maybe expand on it.


Who is General Torres and his sidekick Capitan Nino? What shal they bring to the war? Can Michael Ventrue control them? We will have to see. What do the people think?

Written by Booker T, #1 wrestler of Ventruestien

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