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ATTENTION! - Ventruestien Herald
October 11th, 2003
02:02 pm


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The following message was found stuck to the door of the Ventruestien Herald early this morning. It was stuck to the door by a strange dagger that had flames engraved on one side of the blade and a strange symbol on the other.

We at the Ventruestien Herald have been told to publish this message.... or our building plus our homes will be burned.

The Message:
I have been keeping my eye on the current events in Ventruestein from my stronghold in the Druid Pits. I have also been the one who has kept the Lord William Ire quiet all this time. To all those in this little 'game' for power: I know your secrets. I have been in the darkest reaches of your very minds & souls. In addition; my spies have done their jobs well. All is according to my plan.

I will not show my hand yet..... that will be shown when I decide it! When the time is right; all who oppose me will burn in the Druid Fires!

- The Dark Druid of Ventruestein

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Date:October 13th, 2003 07:48 pm (UTC)

dark, like a woman's womb

fucking druid, shall you hide like the rest of these cowards? ohh, my spies are good....whell who gives a damn. for all they know, your just a boy writing a little suspence novel. you want to see real tourture? you want to see pain? come to the center of Glass City in 4 days, and i shall show your little boy fasad what it means to threaten, and follow through with it!

Oh and to all those still in Glass City.....YOU ARE MINE!
~~tHe kInG oF sPaDeS
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