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GLASS CITY NAMED "NO MAN's LAND" - Ventruestien Herald
October 11th, 2003
01:39 pm


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In a joint release the King of Hearts and Dimaonds with support form the United Nations quarenteened Glass City from the rest of the world. "Glass City, and the horrors from beneath it unleashed by the mad King of Spades must not, and will not be released to ravage the rest of Old Ventruestien." The King of Dimaonds also stated: "anyone who trys to escape shall be shot, no quarter shall be given to them. Just like the Justinism followers."


In a daring strike Capitin Nino struck the Diamond Dust Consentration Camp were Sgt. Ramone, the so call "Ruthless Ray", was being held. The assualt toke everyone by suprise, and in the insueing chaos several more prisoners escaped, including some followers of Justinism. Sgt. Ramone is in critical but stable condition, and was reacently visted by Genreal Torres. Torres had this to say: Ruthless Ray never broke, he stayed loyal to the VDF the whole time", to this Michael Ventrue stated "It's good to see the that there are still men who would give there lives for the honor and glory of Ventruestien."


Gen. Rowin Darkwind has been on the frontlines of Glass City trying to get as many people out of Glass City before the 3 day time limit ends and anyone left shall be stuck in Glass City. It is said the Gen. Darkwind has fanced Glass City and has be stated that "I shall make sure that no one shall stay behind to be left to the ravages of the mad king, no matter the cost." It's good to know that there are those who are comited to the people like Gen. Darkwind. Hopfuly nothing shall happen to him.

Written by Kitty Pryde

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