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Back form the acient city of Silent Wispers...... - Ventruestien Herald
October 8th, 2003
10:39 pm


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Back form the acient city of Silent Wispers......
Recent rumors in Glass City, have reported the siting of King Adam Evening, roaming the streets late at night and extreemly crazed. We are here to tell you that actuall footage was taken, and it is indeed the King. When bravely questioned, the king stated that the city of Silent Wispers will rise again, and decimate all those who inhabit Glass City. Here at the Glass City Press an investigation was done on the town of Silent Wispers. Silent Wispers in the acient times, was a cheerful and prosperious town, with frendly inhabitants and a king that was like an older brother to everyone. but one day, the king was poisend, and became mad. the poison was ment to kill the king, but the attempts faild. the king then appointed himself as the King Of Spades, and declared that one person, each day, would be chosen at random, and the entire town was forced to watch that person slowly tourtured, and eventually killed in the most gruesom way possible. this warped the townsfolk's minds and the entire town was eventuallykilled off. the town stayed, with the dead lying everywhere, untill one day when a man by the name of Aaron, stumbled upon it. to make the story short, Another town was built directly on top of it. That city is now known as Glass City, and it lies directly abobve the Town of Silent Wispers, a town, where the dead have not moved.

this amazing report was brought to you by Sorin Siberian of the Glass City Press.

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