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The Sword Of The Wrath Of God Falls Upon Ventrue - Ventruestien Herald
September 30th, 2003
07:31 pm


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The Sword Of The Wrath Of God Falls Upon Ventrue

The Mexican Mercenary Army under the direct command of Genl.Torres has come to an immediate end. As of yestereve the army itself was shattered in an amazeing display of power. The Fredom Legions in combat with him had made a last stand. But as the armies came to clash with one another the United Nations decided that it had had an armed force in the conflict in silence for to long. Issueing a resolution called The Resolution on Ventrustien, it commanded its forces to side with the forces of the Duke of Thwipinstein. This resolution was dated two hours before the conflict began and issued worldwide after the monumentous battle. Well back to the battle field. Meeting on the Fields of Malkav The forces prepared to clash, when from no where the mighty UN force fell on the mercenary forces fom behind its lines. This put Torres between the devil and the deep blue sea essentially. Hoping that the noble Freedom Legions would hold of their attack long enough for him, he turned his army to face the UN forces. As his men charged , the battlements that faced the Freedom Legions exploded in fire. Apparently under command of General Stonewall Scott there had been dug and built under a section of the Fields of Malkav a seris of mines that had been loaded with TNT. If ever the army was in retreat they were to manuver the opposeing forces here and bring them close enough to the mines to take sinifigant damage in the explosion. This worked out better than expected as Torres had built his lines almost completely directly on top of the explosive trap. With horror the General saw not only one-fourth of his entire line left facing the Legions disappear in a firey hell, but two-fourths of his entire line collapse in a cave-in. Taking advantage of this the Freedom legions surged forth and a massive slaughter of the mercenary army ensued. The mercanery army of Micheal Ventrue collapsed in terror and the sword in the words of the general in command on the field that day, Major-General Charles de Lafayette "We gave no quarter. We gave them only the bayonet." When all was said and done three thousand men lay dead of the enemy on the field while on three hundred of our noble men died. Four thousand men were taken prisoner, includeing the commanding general, General Torres who was found alive, but unconscious on the field of battle with both of his knee caps shot out, reduceing this proud man to a cripple. The UN took another two thousand prisoners on its own. What was left of this army, no reduced to about five hundred to at most one thousand men fled in terror, disarray and total fear, totally shattering their further usage as soldiers .But this was not the worst of it. With no army to support them the small forces holding the city of Genosha fled in terror as three divisions of Freedom Legion men combined with the regional milita and an uprising of the people to throw them out and drive them from there land. The army has once more occupied all land it lost and moves foward soon hopfully to crush those on the open field. We finally now have an open shot and Ventrustien City and with our allies nothing will stop us.

The Duchess Royale will give a speech tomorrow commending our valaint men, the noble citizens of Ventruestien, and thanking Almighty God for this blessed victory.


The Duke is out of the hospital. Still weak, but fast healing the God Duke was released from the hospital yesterday. He has healed well doctors say and he is growing strong. It is hoped he will soon be able to sit upon his throne once more in full health.


The Pope John Pious The First made a huge announcement. He declared that all good Catholics in Europe have a moral obligation to help Thwipinstein in its battle against the rebellion and opression of Ventrue. He gave the Freddom Forces his blessings and declred this war justly fought for freedom. We will wait to see what effect this will have on the war.


Ireland has began a blockade of the ports of the country Vittorio. With a navy as powerrful as Irelands, Vittorio will be hard pressed to break it as well. Ireland has also sent her soldiers to fight for justice on the side of noble Thwipinstein in the Ventrustien War as well.

Declareing her alliance with Thwipinstein, Sewden as offically entered the war. The army she sent out that seemed to disappear recent reappeared on the coasts of Vittorio, giving the invadeing soldiers of Ireland a valuable foothold and base from which to operate. Will Vittorio still continue to aid Ventrue and try to occupy Glass City as its own homeland is under seige?

Austria has commited troops under the command of Archduke Ferdinand to the war in Ventrustien. Austria of course is sided with the Duke.

Genosha, the much hailed Land of Marvel, has offically entered the war and had yet to commit and troops, although its powerful Navy is starting up and coming into action.. But it has been aiding the warriors in Glass City to aviod the regicide that Vittorio would seek to commit against it.

Next we will bring you The Procalmation Of Victory as spoken by the Duchess Royale herself.

This has been BEN URICH,Editor-In-Chief. Thank The Great God.

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