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Glass City Falls! - Ventruestien Herald
September 28th, 2003
08:04 am


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Glass City Falls!
Armys of Vittoria take Glass City

General Rowin Darkwind and the armys of Vittoria marched into Glass City earler this week. They were met with cheers and joys as the marched to the Glass Citadel. The Mayor of Glass City personaly gave the key of Glass City to General Darkwind. Though Glass City is now under the banner of the Ventruestien Alliance Prince Adam Evening and General Vance escaped and is now holding strong to the countryside of Glass City with his rebel so called "Freedom Fighters". a 20 million bounty has been put on his head by partys unknown.

War effort

The War goes good. Though the line has slowed we have made progression towards Richmond. With a week most of the troops from the east will arive in the west to bulster General Torres' forces.

Slaughter of innocents

For all his proglamations of tolerance reports come from inside Thwipenstien that 100 followers of the movment known as Justinism where slaughter by the direct orders of the bed ridden Duke. There only crime: Expressing there freedom of exprestion. There leader, actor turn Justinism follor Heath Leadger was taken, torcherd and killed by the Dukes secret police. We here at the Ventruestien Hearld send are condolences and wishes to his family. The King of Hearts promises to avenge his death.

Written by Orca, Blademaster of House Ventrue

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Date:September 29th, 2003 01:41 pm (UTC)


While i must post in my favor for some of these things i must say I am amused somewhat.

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