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At The Helm - Ventruestien Herald
September 20th, 2003
10:11 pm


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At The Helm

Ventrue has recently taken back a small part of Ventruestien that our Legions recently held. But Micheal Ventrue is laughable to call Genosha "the capital of the Eastern Front". It was a strong city that fell. True. But it was not any sort of capital. This reporter and his readers know better. What Ventrue took in all actuality was about 600 hundred acres of land, the city itself and the land around it. The most embarassing thing is that the city had renamed itself in honor of the good people of Ventruestien's thankfulness to the Duke for their liberation and all his help. They named it after the Duchess kingdom, the kingdom of Genosha. "That victory of Ventrue's did nothing more than push the battle lines some what back.", stated Stonewall Scott,General-In-Chief. Unfortunately a loss to our noble legions, but it has been characteristic of this damnable war. Win it only to lost it only to shed blood to take it back. On all sides. But we will keep fighting. Our cause is noble, our fight is just.

The Duchess rallied the C.E.E. around her today. Thanks to a recent decleration by the Good Duck, ratified by all the Kings of the C.E.E., she is now in charge of it till the Duke is able to rule himself. In essence she is the Queen of Diamonds. The Duchess also inherited a title from over seas abit recently. After the fall of Ryan the Usurper the people of Ireland had their Steward look into who was to inherit the seat of rule. With no other in direct line of rule, the Duchess Royale now inherit the kingdom of Ireland and its fierce fighters. Having been named Queen Regent in a most faboulous ceremony on the Emerald Isle, she is now ruler of two countries and Duchess of one, and pverlordess of three others. A powerful woman indeed. She has vowed that the fighting men of Ireland will once again fight for the right and battle for justice. "It will not stand for the treason and regicide of Micheal Ventrue." she declared.

There is no foundation of Justinism within our lands.


At the front our men have pushed ahead in the West. Martialing our forces we pushed on into Ventruestien ans shocked the troops of Ventrue who thought that our recent loss was evidence of our most gailant men and women becoming dis-enchanted. True, the troops were in a state of sorrow and worry for the Duke, but we will not be held in stasis. If anything we fight stronger now, as recent evidence now indicates. With the Duchess at the helm we fight for the Duke even more know. We recently broke a three month stalemate and hurled the rebels of Ventrue back and back farther. The troops recently took a valueable river n ventruestien that held control of the waterways for much of Ventruestien itself. So much land trade along this part of Ventruestien has now fallen into our power.

So the war goes good. Even with our small recent loses we still push foward and conquer. In the immortal words of the Duchess Royale, "Freedom for all in Ventruestien , TODAY!!!!"


The Duke goes well. He is healing at an incredible rate. Following a laying on of hands and blessing of healing from his fellow chuch members he has begun to heal at an excelerated rate. He grows stronger every day. His surgery was a sucess without complications and he is doing well.

Long live Royale!!!!

This has been Ben Urich, Editor-In-Chief. God be with us all.

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