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Ventruestien Herald Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Ventruestien Herald" journal:

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January 31st, 2004
09:42 am


The Final Report
The Grand Corenation

Today Michael Ventrue was proclaimed King of the new United Ventruestien State(UVS). In a grand corenation, Lore William Ire place the Grand Crown on his head and proclaimed "Long Live King Ventrue. The ball was atended by the Queen of Hearts and her entoroge. She is expected to marry the new king soon and become Lady Ventrue. The kingdom of Vitoria is set to be united with the UVS. This has been a whirlwind month. Five weeks ago Duke Richard Royale enter into an alliance with the Whore de Game. In that fateful battle of Ire's Land Michael Ventrue slew the mad man, pirceing his black heart with his Grand Diaklaive. Lord Ire entered the fray as well. When the Whore de Game tried to manpulated the good lord he raised his boom stick and shot her in the head and then stated "Rot in hell you bitch". With the death of the Duke the rest of the outlining fiefs return to Ventruestien proper. The Queen of Diamonds was spared, but was sent to Canada as a punishment. All is returned to which it begain.

The Ruins of Glass City

The UN sent more releif to what is left of Glass City. It has been seven days since the ground shoke and the city fell into the ruins of the fabled city under the city "Silent Whispers". The City has been in turmoil since the Cruxefiction of the Grand Genreal of Vitoria Rowin Darkwind many months ago. The city was said to have been destroyed in a great battle between the Mad King of Spades Adam Evening and the Madder Dark Druid, mystriess wanderer from the south. There was said to use of "Magik" which rend the earth and destroyed the city. Some fear that one or both of these men may have escaped but that is doubtful. Genreal Torres has state already that "If any of those yellow belly cowards show their face I'll gut them. It'll be happy times. Yeaarhhh, Happy times indeed".

Last Entry

Thus ends my reign as editor of this gentle paper. I would like to thank all that have read the Herald and the many writes as well. It has been the best of times and the worst. May this new kingdom reign supreme for a thousand years.

Siging off for the last time, Spike Speigel

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October 11th, 2003
02:02 pm


The following message was found stuck to the door of the Ventruestien Herald early this morning. It was stuck to the door by a strange dagger that had flames engraved on one side of the blade and a strange symbol on the other.

We at the Ventruestien Herald have been told to publish this message.... or our building plus our homes will be burned.

The Message:
I have been keeping my eye on the current events in Ventruestein from my stronghold in the Druid Pits. I have also been the one who has kept the Lord William Ire quiet all this time. To all those in this little 'game' for power: I know your secrets. I have been in the darkest reaches of your very minds & souls. In addition; my spies have done their jobs well. All is according to my plan.

I will not show my hand yet..... that will be shown when I decide it! When the time is right; all who oppose me will burn in the Druid Fires!

- The Dark Druid of Ventruestein

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01:39 pm



In a joint release the King of Hearts and Dimaonds with support form the United Nations quarenteened Glass City from the rest of the world. "Glass City, and the horrors from beneath it unleashed by the mad King of Spades must not, and will not be released to ravage the rest of Old Ventruestien." The King of Dimaonds also stated: "anyone who trys to escape shall be shot, no quarter shall be given to them. Just like the Justinism followers."


In a daring strike Capitin Nino struck the Diamond Dust Consentration Camp were Sgt. Ramone, the so call "Ruthless Ray", was being held. The assualt toke everyone by suprise, and in the insueing chaos several more prisoners escaped, including some followers of Justinism. Sgt. Ramone is in critical but stable condition, and was reacently visted by Genreal Torres. Torres had this to say: Ruthless Ray never broke, he stayed loyal to the VDF the whole time", to this Michael Ventrue stated "It's good to see the that there are still men who would give there lives for the honor and glory of Ventruestien."


Gen. Rowin Darkwind has been on the frontlines of Glass City trying to get as many people out of Glass City before the 3 day time limit ends and anyone left shall be stuck in Glass City. It is said the Gen. Darkwind has fanced Glass City and has be stated that "I shall make sure that no one shall stay behind to be left to the ravages of the mad king, no matter the cost." It's good to know that there are those who are comited to the people like Gen. Darkwind. Hopfuly nothing shall happen to him.

Written by Kitty Pryde

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October 8th, 2003
10:39 pm


Back form the acient city of Silent Wispers......
Recent rumors in Glass City, have reported the siting of King Adam Evening, roaming the streets late at night and extreemly crazed. We are here to tell you that actuall footage was taken, and it is indeed the King. When bravely questioned, the king stated that the city of Silent Wispers will rise again, and decimate all those who inhabit Glass City. Here at the Glass City Press an investigation was done on the town of Silent Wispers. Silent Wispers in the acient times, was a cheerful and prosperious town, with frendly inhabitants and a king that was like an older brother to everyone. but one day, the king was poisend, and became mad. the poison was ment to kill the king, but the attempts faild. the king then appointed himself as the King Of Spades, and declared that one person, each day, would be chosen at random, and the entire town was forced to watch that person slowly tourtured, and eventually killed in the most gruesom way possible. this warped the townsfolk's minds and the entire town was eventuallykilled off. the town stayed, with the dead lying everywhere, untill one day when a man by the name of Aaron, stumbled upon it. to make the story short, Another town was built directly on top of it. That city is now known as Glass City, and it lies directly abobve the Town of Silent Wispers, a town, where the dead have not moved.

this amazing report was brought to you by Sorin Siberian of the Glass City Press.

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October 6th, 2003
06:28 pm


An Apology To The Readers.....
To those who read our last article an apology is extended. We did not capture Genl. Torres but his aide-de-camp and look a like, Ramone. We have gathered this infromation of sadness with one bright spot still remaining. It may appear that torres was indeed shot in his right knee cap. But we will not know for sure. In her rouseing speech the Duchess apologized for the false infromation but stressed the fact that we still had destroyed Torres' army and retaken all our lost land, plus some. Again we here at this paper apologize to the reader and hope they understand. We strive to give correct infromation but sometimes this fails.

As for Vittorio, the Duchess offered a treaty. If it leaves the Ventruestienian War, Ireland ans Sweden will leave it alone and call of their invasion and a recompense for damages will be paid. But only if it signs a treaty saying it will and the immdeiately does so.

In foregin news, it seems that the freedom Fighters in Glass City have re-taken half the city from the rather dumwitted Genl. Darkwind

That is all.

Ben Urich,Editor-In-Chief

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September 30th, 2003
07:31 pm


The Sword Of The Wrath Of God Falls Upon Ventrue

The Mexican Mercenary Army under the direct command of Genl.Torres has come to an immediate end. As of yestereve the army itself was shattered in an amazeing display of power. The Fredom Legions in combat with him had made a last stand. But as the armies came to clash with one another the United Nations decided that it had had an armed force in the conflict in silence for to long. Issueing a resolution called The Resolution on Ventrustien, it commanded its forces to side with the forces of the Duke of Thwipinstein. This resolution was dated two hours before the conflict began and issued worldwide after the monumentous battle. Well back to the battle field. Meeting on the Fields of Malkav The forces prepared to clash, when from no where the mighty UN force fell on the mercenary forces fom behind its lines. This put Torres between the devil and the deep blue sea essentially. Hoping that the noble Freedom Legions would hold of their attack long enough for him, he turned his army to face the UN forces. As his men charged , the battlements that faced the Freedom Legions exploded in fire. Apparently under command of General Stonewall Scott there had been dug and built under a section of the Fields of Malkav a seris of mines that had been loaded with TNT. If ever the army was in retreat they were to manuver the opposeing forces here and bring them close enough to the mines to take sinifigant damage in the explosion. This worked out better than expected as Torres had built his lines almost completely directly on top of the explosive trap. With horror the General saw not only one-fourth of his entire line left facing the Legions disappear in a firey hell, but two-fourths of his entire line collapse in a cave-in. Taking advantage of this the Freedom legions surged forth and a massive slaughter of the mercenary army ensued. The mercanery army of Micheal Ventrue collapsed in terror and the sword in the words of the general in command on the field that day, Major-General Charles de Lafayette "We gave no quarter. We gave them only the bayonet." When all was said and done three thousand men lay dead of the enemy on the field while on three hundred of our noble men died. Four thousand men were taken prisoner, includeing the commanding general, General Torres who was found alive, but unconscious on the field of battle with both of his knee caps shot out, reduceing this proud man to a cripple. The UN took another two thousand prisoners on its own. What was left of this army, no reduced to about five hundred to at most one thousand men fled in terror, disarray and total fear, totally shattering their further usage as soldiers .But this was not the worst of it. With no army to support them the small forces holding the city of Genosha fled in terror as three divisions of Freedom Legion men combined with the regional milita and an uprising of the people to throw them out and drive them from there land. The army has once more occupied all land it lost and moves foward soon hopfully to crush those on the open field. We finally now have an open shot and Ventrustien City and with our allies nothing will stop us.

The Duchess Royale will give a speech tomorrow commending our valaint men, the noble citizens of Ventruestien, and thanking Almighty God for this blessed victory.


The Duke is out of the hospital. Still weak, but fast healing the God Duke was released from the hospital yesterday. He has healed well doctors say and he is growing strong. It is hoped he will soon be able to sit upon his throne once more in full health.


The Pope John Pious The First made a huge announcement. He declared that all good Catholics in Europe have a moral obligation to help Thwipinstein in its battle against the rebellion and opression of Ventrue. He gave the Freddom Forces his blessings and declred this war justly fought for freedom. We will wait to see what effect this will have on the war.


Ireland has began a blockade of the ports of the country Vittorio. With a navy as powerrful as Irelands, Vittorio will be hard pressed to break it as well. Ireland has also sent her soldiers to fight for justice on the side of noble Thwipinstein in the Ventrustien War as well.

Declareing her alliance with Thwipinstein, Sewden as offically entered the war. The army she sent out that seemed to disappear recent reappeared on the coasts of Vittorio, giving the invadeing soldiers of Ireland a valuable foothold and base from which to operate. Will Vittorio still continue to aid Ventrue and try to occupy Glass City as its own homeland is under seige?

Austria has commited troops under the command of Archduke Ferdinand to the war in Ventrustien. Austria of course is sided with the Duke.

Genosha, the much hailed Land of Marvel, has offically entered the war and had yet to commit and troops, although its powerful Navy is starting up and coming into action.. But it has been aiding the warriors in Glass City to aviod the regicide that Vittorio would seek to commit against it.

Next we will bring you The Procalmation Of Victory as spoken by the Duchess Royale herself.

This has been BEN URICH,Editor-In-Chief. Thank The Great God.

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September 29th, 2003
08:08 am


Unearth from the tombs under Castle Ventruestien:

One who shall bare the crest of clubs

One who shall unite the warring states

One who shall be king of all, yet king of none

One who shall unite all crowns

One who shall crush the invaders

One who shall quench the druid fires

One who shall emerge from the catacombs

One who shall be king of Ventruestien

unearthed by Tina Armstrong, Historian of House Ventrue

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September 28th, 2003
08:04 am


Glass City Falls!
Armys of Vittoria take Glass City

General Rowin Darkwind and the armys of Vittoria marched into Glass City earler this week. They were met with cheers and joys as the marched to the Glass Citadel. The Mayor of Glass City personaly gave the key of Glass City to General Darkwind. Though Glass City is now under the banner of the Ventruestien Alliance Prince Adam Evening and General Vance escaped and is now holding strong to the countryside of Glass City with his rebel so called "Freedom Fighters". a 20 million bounty has been put on his head by partys unknown.

War effort

The War goes good. Though the line has slowed we have made progression towards Richmond. With a week most of the troops from the east will arive in the west to bulster General Torres' forces.

Slaughter of innocents

For all his proglamations of tolerance reports come from inside Thwipenstien that 100 followers of the movment known as Justinism where slaughter by the direct orders of the bed ridden Duke. There only crime: Expressing there freedom of exprestion. There leader, actor turn Justinism follor Heath Leadger was taken, torcherd and killed by the Dukes secret police. We here at the Ventruestien Hearld send are condolences and wishes to his family. The King of Hearts promises to avenge his death.

Written by Orca, Blademaster of House Ventrue

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September 21st, 2003
11:31 pm


By proclimation of her royal highness, the Queen of Hearts...
With the fall of Adam Evening, Glass City was left in a state of discord. The recently resurfaced General of the Vittorian army; Rowen Darkwind (Scheller) was sent to take hold of the city. With martial law now established, it seems that Darkwind has taken the city for himself... Or rather, now controls it in the name of her Royal Highness, the Queen of Hearts.

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September 20th, 2003
10:11 pm


At The Helm

Ventrue has recently taken back a small part of Ventruestien that our Legions recently held. But Micheal Ventrue is laughable to call Genosha "the capital of the Eastern Front". It was a strong city that fell. True. But it was not any sort of capital. This reporter and his readers know better. What Ventrue took in all actuality was about 600 hundred acres of land, the city itself and the land around it. The most embarassing thing is that the city had renamed itself in honor of the good people of Ventruestien's thankfulness to the Duke for their liberation and all his help. They named it after the Duchess kingdom, the kingdom of Genosha. "That victory of Ventrue's did nothing more than push the battle lines some what back.", stated Stonewall Scott,General-In-Chief. Unfortunately a loss to our noble legions, but it has been characteristic of this damnable war. Win it only to lost it only to shed blood to take it back. On all sides. But we will keep fighting. Our cause is noble, our fight is just.

The Duchess rallied the C.E.E. around her today. Thanks to a recent decleration by the Good Duck, ratified by all the Kings of the C.E.E., she is now in charge of it till the Duke is able to rule himself. In essence she is the Queen of Diamonds. The Duchess also inherited a title from over seas abit recently. After the fall of Ryan the Usurper the people of Ireland had their Steward look into who was to inherit the seat of rule. With no other in direct line of rule, the Duchess Royale now inherit the kingdom of Ireland and its fierce fighters. Having been named Queen Regent in a most faboulous ceremony on the Emerald Isle, she is now ruler of two countries and Duchess of one, and pverlordess of three others. A powerful woman indeed. She has vowed that the fighting men of Ireland will once again fight for the right and battle for justice. "It will not stand for the treason and regicide of Micheal Ventrue." she declared.

There is no foundation of Justinism within our lands.


At the front our men have pushed ahead in the West. Martialing our forces we pushed on into Ventruestien ans shocked the troops of Ventrue who thought that our recent loss was evidence of our most gailant men and women becoming dis-enchanted. True, the troops were in a state of sorrow and worry for the Duke, but we will not be held in stasis. If anything we fight stronger now, as recent evidence now indicates. With the Duchess at the helm we fight for the Duke even more know. We recently broke a three month stalemate and hurled the rebels of Ventrue back and back farther. The troops recently took a valueable river n ventruestien that held control of the waterways for much of Ventruestien itself. So much land trade along this part of Ventruestien has now fallen into our power.

So the war goes good. Even with our small recent loses we still push foward and conquer. In the immortal words of the Duchess Royale, "Freedom for all in Ventruestien , TODAY!!!!"


The Duke goes well. He is healing at an incredible rate. Following a laying on of hands and blessing of healing from his fellow chuch members he has begun to heal at an excelerated rate. He grows stronger every day. His surgery was a sucess without complications and he is doing well.

Long live Royale!!!!

This has been Ben Urich, Editor-In-Chief. God be with us all.

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